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Millwood Kid's Bathroom (Hidden Hollow)

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35HHchildbath010As part of a whole house remodeling project, this bathroom was in need of updating. The clients wanted a hall bathroom for their children, but one suitable for guests as well. There was a poorly-placed linen closet in this bathroom that you walked right into when you opened the door. We removed the closet and opened up the space. The plumbing was all in the right place so minimal work was required to move fixtures.

This bath remodel, in a redesigned space, included a new tub with shower screen, a new toilet and new cabinetry. The remodeled bathroom was finished with white ceramic tile and a glass mosaic design element on the walls that also carried onto the floor. Wainscot paneling on the walls finishes off the room.

The results - a great bathroom that guests can use as well.

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