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Stamford His and Her Powder Rooms (Merriebrook Rd.)

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BrownsteinPowderRooms001This home originally belonged to a Tobacco family in the 1920's. In later years it was used a corporate retreat. The two powder rooms on the main floor are remodeled as his and hers. Her powder room was remodeled with a custom mosaic tile floor, hand painted Chinese wallpaper and antique fixtures supplied by our clients designer. His powder room was designed by the architect to incorporate wainscot paneling that matches the paneling in the home's library and antique fixtures sourced by the client's designer.

We sourced antique pine beams and milled them in our shop to mimic the original library paneling. The same antique pine was used to mill the window and door casings.

The result; two stunning powder rooms and another happy client!

BrownsteinPowderRooms001 Thumb BrownsteinPowderRooms002 Thumb BrownsteinPowderRooms003 Thumb BrownsteinPowderRooms004 Thumb

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