Chappaqua Basement (Stony Hill Rd.)


2_SHR_basement_0001This client came to us with a basement remodeling plan to turn an 1800 square foot unfinished basement into a beautifully remodeled basement with a playroom, TV room, gym and office/bedroom. The approach for this basement remodeling project was to incorporate the basement into part of the house. It was to become additional living space that was in sync with the style and finishes in the rest of the house, not just a remodeled lower level.

We began by installing steel beams so the basement's support columns could be removed, opening up the existing space. Large windows were installed to allow for more natural light and individual rooms were created and wired for power, phone, HVAC and AV. We installed custom moldings, new staircase railings and built large bookcases, a TV media cabinet and a snack bar for the family to enjoy. The result is a truly fantastic basement remodel that has added 1800 square feet of beautiful living space to the home.

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