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Jackie Moskow, Millwood, NY

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Both of our upstairs bathrooms were renovated by Quaker Road Associates. They came out beautiful and the work was top notch. We love our new bathrooms and would not hesitate to employ Quaker Road Associates again. We couldn't imagine anyone else doing work in our house. Bruce Woolf is an absolute pleasure to work with. He really listens to what your needs are and offers a lot of guidance. His knowledge is extensive, but he is not afraid to let you know when he needs to research something further. We really appreciated this about him. We always found him completely responsive, something we know that a lot of our friends are not able to say about their contractors. Also, he is very considerate of budgetary constraints and regularly suggests less expensive alternatives. While the work was being done, we always felt that Bruce was 100% involved, down to the littlest detail. He was completely receptive to our every concern. We never felt rushed or that our job wasn't important. In addition, the workmen in our house were very neat, trustworthy and considerate. We are looking forward to working with Bruce and Quaker Road Associates again in the near future. We are unable to imagine a better builder.
- Jackie Moskow, Millwood, NY